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Hudson Gardner on the Dosewallips river


My name is Hudson Gardner.

I am a writer, photographer, and designer. I spend my best time outside: wildcrafting teas, medicine, cultivating plants, and backpacking in wild places. I've worked on farms and ranches across the USA, from Maine to Washington State, pursuing a connection with the land.

My current work is about learning from and celebrating wildness. I live in the Mountain West.

Current Projects

A grass hut with woodsmoke
Grass Journal is a podcast of interviews, poetry, and stories about wildness in the Anthropocene.
Rushing river below granite boulder
A Body of Water is a book of poems about an artists search for larger belonging, through hiking, farming, and a life lived outside.

What May Work

Old pine-fir canyon.

A braiding stream,
and fifteen cold crossings.

Pitching tent in solstice night dark.
Boiling tea on spent orange embers.

Venus through the aspen tops.

    "So many things
​                    leave words behind..."

Leaning on a rock,